Glitter L-Bomb XL (Free Shipping)


Damn you an asshole…well, you stumbled on the PERFECT anonymous prank gift!

This Glittery L-Bomb is packaged with EXTRA FINE glitter (shits messy as Trinidad James mouthpiece bruh)…It includes a 6 inch tall Wooden “L” so they know its real; it includes whatever hatin’ ass custom message you want..and also has simple instructions for optimal use.

This joint perfect for them real L-Takers…you know, the type to get fired on their day off..type to cut their burgers in half before eatin..New York ass n**gas bruh.  Can be yo friend, ex, boss (eff my boss while we at it fareel), whoever you want. Mail them their much deserved L at home or at their place of business (you’re welcome).



  1. Select quantity and Add to Cart/Check Out
  2. Provide RECIPIENT’S shipping address and YOUR billing information on the checkout page to complete your purchase
  3. Write your message for their L (140 character limit) in the note box below the shipping address form and complete your purchase


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