Why Are We Mailing Ls?

2015 = a year of plenty Ls for us. In response, we are sharing Ls with others. Our motto: “When life gives you Ls, mail one”.

Can I Mail Ls Anonymously? Will my Identity be Withheld?

Yes, in fact we assume all orders of Ls are anonymous until specified otherwise (example: put “from [your name]” in the custom message).

Where Do I Type my Custom Message?

Type your custom message in the text box directly below the shipping address form. There is a 140 character limit in the text box.

Where Will My Message be written?

Your custom message will be handwritten on the backside of the L. 

How Many Words can Fit on My L?

We have a 140 character maximum.

Who’s Shipping Address Do I Enter at Checkout?

Please enter the RECIPIENT’s shipping address so that they can receive their L. If you enter YOUR address, then you receive your L in the mail. At that point, the L was well-deserved. Welp!

What if I Want to Ship L’s to Multiple People?

Add as many L’s as you would like to your cart. At checkout click the orange “Add Recipient Addresses” button on the top right side of the screen. On the next screen, you can select where you want which L to be sent. To add a new recipient address, click “Add new shipping address” directly below “Shipping Addresses”. You may now add a custom note to each individual L at the updated checkout page in the “Note” text box directly below each recipient’s address.

When Will My Order Arrive?

Orders are processed within 24 hours after being placed, so please order accordingly. We ship domestically through USPS so you can expect your L to be delivered between 2-5 business days after your order has been processed.

Do We Ship Internationally, or Nah?

Nah, not yet!